Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Out of the loop: WBC 2007

Those of you on a student's budget and with study to do, like me, will no doubt either be blissfully ignorant of the geographically nearest WBC ever or frantically devouring every shred of WBC related media. If you fall into the former category, click here. If you fall into the latter, you will probably be interested in the links at the bottom of this post.

So is Japan the land of milk and honey? Or, at least, espresso and ... err ... honey? Honeys? Well, according to Simon's photo above they seem to have no problems dropping an additional $10k on a freakin' Mistral for looks, then shoving it in a corner.

According to Em, the Aussie contingent is at 37 at the moment. And I'm jealous of every single one of those bastards. In fact, half of the guys at work are off in Japan, so I have been enlisted to be on the bar on Wednesday and Friday. Faithful readers bringing me consolatory offerings of tempura, teriyaki and tsukemono will be given free coffee.

Enough ranting; on to the links:

ZacharyZachary: these dudes managed to raise funds to travel to the WBC on the promise that they would video blog the living crap out of it. So log in and see if they live up to it.

Simon's Flickr: not only am I jealous that he's in Tokyo, but I'm also jealous that his camera is evidently functional, whilst my charger has gone AWOL.

Jimseven: UK WBC competitor James "the Hoff" Hoffmann somehow seems to be the most prolific blogger of the lot, despite that whole competing thing that is presumably looming over him.

I'm sure that Peter has taken his camera along, so once he's back I'll make him write up a news item and upload a new gallery to venezianocoffee.com.au

Did I miss anything? Add a link in the comments!



At 2:57 AM, Anonymous terrakeramik said...

hi luca,

also check out www.baristamagazine.com/blog for WBC coverage.

any thoughts on performances by Scottie Callaghan and Colter Jones, as well as the Nordic contingent?



At 4:59 PM, Blogger Luca said...

Hi Reto,

Not having been there, I'm limited to the snippets that I have seen on Zachary Zachary ...

Scott's performance looked quite good, but, of course, he mentioned that he had intended to use an espresso blend and a cappuccino blend, but one of his grinders broke down. He missed out on the finals by a mere 10.5 points, which could easily be attributed to having an espresso blend that didn't assert itself in milk. I wonder if the score sheets reflect that? In any case, if he made a mistake it was probably mentioning that things had gone wrong. There was no need for the judges to know that - all that it can possibly have done is to make them aware that the cappuccini might taste insipid.

Colter had some pretty nice cups, hey ;P His blend sounded as though it would have been a bit smooth and basic; easy to work with, but without any huge and obvious highlights to point out. His performance seemed cautious and tentative. The combination of cautious performance and cautious blending seems to have really paid off for him; he racked up a phenomenal score for someone who went that far over time!

The performance from the Nordic contingent was unsurprising. Remember that Tim, Troels and Klaus were all second time competitors. That's not something that can be sustained. Note that all of the WBC winners apart from the first have competed for a second time.

Anyhoo, I think that Canada and Australia will be very well positioned for next year, provided that Colter or Sammy and Scott or David represent each of the countries next year. This isn't exactly democratic, but I think that it's the only way that any country is going to get results.



At 10:39 PM, Anonymous terrakeramik said...


thanks for your thoughts. We'll be watching both Colter and Scottie next year...


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