Friday, April 06, 2007

Introducing ... The Golden Cobra

Last week I had a lovely surprise when one of the usual suspects, Matt, dropped in to visit me at First Pour. Matt has a habit of ordering coffee from roasters across Australia and the globe and occasionally brought in some of the big-name US stuff to us at Maltitude and Maling Room. Last week, he brought me some stuff from Golden Cobra in NSW.

I only got to have a few shots out of the stuff that Matt gave me, so I won't try to give an in-depth description. For now, they will sit on the "must order" list. But I will make a few observations:
  • I liked the shots that I puled.

  • I was expecting coffee that was lighter in body and higher in acidity, ala Campos, Morgans, Numero Uno et. al. I was surprised to find that the blends sat more closely towards the Five Senses, Veneziano et. al. end of the spectrum, with a rich mouthfeel.

  • These guys are terrible at online marketing. Do a quick google and all that you will find is some random blog comments. Their webpage is a work in progress.

  • Golden Cobra have managed to seduce several cognoscenti that I know, including one that almost entirely eschews commercially roasted coffee in favour of his own roaster and linea combo at home.

  • Apparently one of these guys is ex-Campos. They're at least a year old.

  • Their logo is going to make for some really cool branded cups and paraphenalia.
It's always nice to see small roasteries starting up and I wish Golden Cobra the best of luck ...

... whoever they are.



At 9:46 AM, Blogger hazchem said...

heh, i suspect I don't live that far from where Golden Cobra roasts and I can't find out much about them either.

I wonder if some if this mystery is deliberate ....

At 1:00 PM, Blogger Luca said...

I doubt that it would be deliberate; sounds to me more like they are starting up on a budget. If the company is only coffee people (roasters, baristi, etc.) ... or only one person ... it wouldn't be surprising that marketing isn't their strong point. That, plus they're probably focussing on marketing to cafes directly to try and get their kilos up to make it a sustainable business. Me ordering half a kilo every year isn't going to do much for them ;P



At 1:23 AM, Anonymous Framey said...

luca which blend did you sample? Vertigo or Cobra d'oro?

Golden Cobra deserves the recognition it is just starting to get. Passionate, knowledgeable and approachable guys.


At 7:23 PM, Blogger Ella said...

I discovered the Golden Cobra nine months ago - it readily converted me from a sometime, uninspired coffee quaffer to a committed and regular cobrakid.
The quality , alchemy and consistency speak volumes for the makers and their product.
My experience with the cobra guys has been a pleasure - they're indeed approachable, open and readily share their insights and infectious enthusiasm
Modest too. Their business and blends are based on a foundation of passion, expertise and integrity.
I am grateful and very impressed.

At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Billy Bolonski said...

The Golden Cobra is awesome. They are so hot right now!!

Easily my favourite roaster.

A little mystery is a good thing, makes a pleasant change from the commercial 'shove it down your throat' marketing strategies.

Only a matter of time before everyone else discovers them, I kinda hope that takes a while, it feels like they are my personal roaster or something.

I have been punching some Vertigo through my aeropress and vac pot this afternoon, so rich, full, smooth and balanced. Cracking!!

Get in on the ground floor I say.

At 1:06 AM, Blogger Andrew said...

Golden Cobra rock!

A cafe around the corner from Campos called Cordial uses their coffee and sometimes you can find the guys from GC working there.

Here's the website -

At 11:01 AM, Blogger "Grendel" said...

I reckon I'll have to add them to my 'must visit' list for when I am next in Sydney. Thanks for the tip Luca.

At 8:58 PM, Blogger hazchem said...

grendel, count me in for a trip to Cordial next time you're here :) I was there for breakfast this morning and its great.

Got my first delivery of Vertigo and Cobra d'oro home tonight and have had an awesome couple of shots of the Cobra d'oro already. Time for the Vertigo!

At 2:30 PM, Anonymous TommyG said...

It's great to see the Golden Cobra is being talked about! I've been using their coffee in my shop in Sydney(Cafe on the Otherside)ever since we opened almost a year ago and it is serving me very well indeed. Their newer blend (Vertigo) is also delectable. I know decaff is a dirty word for most of us but the Cobra decaff blend cutely named 'timothy dalton'has earned me a loyal decaff drinker customer base...



At 5:57 PM, Blogger aleasha said...

the golden cobra smells amazing, tastes amazing and is all round AMAZING. have only been able to try the vertigo, bright lights and lhlh blends at home but used to drink it at cordial cafe every day when i lived in sydney last year. my partner and i have moved south of sydney now and bought a cafe and cant imagine having any other roatser's beans in our cafe but the elusive cobra brothers cannot be contacted (or dont want to be) we now cant even order any for home!! boohoo. i know some mystery is kind of cool, but its frustrating when you really need to talk to someone, and there is no phone number to call!!

At 8:33 PM, Blogger Sonia said...

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At 2:50 PM, Blogger tt said...

Dave from the Golden Cobra is one of the few roasters in Sydney who doesn't seem to have been seduced by the seemingly endemic proliferation of light roasting for espresso....Alchemy, Single O, Little Marrionette, Mecca et all...that stuff is ok with milk but if you're like me and drink espresso then it's just nasty! Sour, soft, woody and acidic as hell..whats the point of going for origin characteristics if you're gonna milkify it?!..I reckon he's the best espresso roaster in town and as we all know Sydney is the coffee capital so he's probably the best in the country. Persistence, quality and consitency pay off. keep up the good work Dave!


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