Sunday, May 13, 2007

Missed It By This Much: PNG PSC AA

Background: It's amazing how an interest in coffee can bring together people from all kinds of places. At the beginning of last year, Corey from Epic Espresso was at his previous cafe, Core Espresso. He was kind enough to take in this barista for a few shifts so that I could extend my trip to Perth for a conference. Not only that, but we went and visited the gang at Five Senses, who were great hosts, firing up their linea and bringing on a slew of different single origins. The standout, by far, was their exclusive PNG PSC AA. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and I was thrilled to receive a few bags of it in the mail not too long ago. Thanks, guys!

Before they were famous: Vanessa (left), Megan (blur in background) and Ben (right) at Core.

But I'm not the only person who this coffee has brought together. Dean, the major-domo of the company, has established a direct-trade relationship with the growers of his PNG coffees. Without getting too technical, PSC stands for "premium small holder crop" and seems to be a designation used to rip off growers without too much trading power. Dean circumvented all of the BS and cut out the middle-man to ensure a better deal for all involved. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that he gets the "AA" grade ... the best part of the crop ...

A random Linea sits in the hallway at Five Senses.

Tasting Notes: In Perth last year, the PSC AA beat me over the head with liquorice and cherry flavours. I was unable to recreate that with the lot that arrived here, but was treated to a distinctly chocolatey coffee that made for a very nice cappuccino.

Conclusions: Get on the mailing list for this one.

Tasting coffee can be hard work!

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At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm drinking this right now, and for some reason, I think knowing it was traded fairly makes it taste even better. Many thanks to Luca for sharing it with Andrew, who shared it with us.


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