Thursday, October 26, 2006

#402 - Random Updates

Ok, exammin' it up, but, nonetheless, cool coffee-related stuff keeps on happening:

(a) IT IS HERE!!!!!!!

Ok, that's not actually a photo of our FB-80 - it's actually one from Cafe Grumpy's training room (in NY) that I flickr'd up. But that's not the point.

The point is that what I'm pretty sure is Australia's only new-generation La Marzocco machine, FB-80 #402, is being installed at my new place of work.

I love the semi-automatic keypad, just like Grumpy's. Allpress doesn't import them, so it had to be special order ... which it had to be anyway, to get the custom body colour and built-in spotlights for espresso extractions (you heard right). Unfortunately, for some beaurocratic reason the spotlights couldn't be installed (need Australian planning approval or some shit), so, as one would expect, we're getting the parts sent over from LM and we'll hotrod it ourselves ;P

One really nice thing about the FB-80 is that the steam knob only twists around half a revolution - none of the useless free play that the Linea knobs have. Hey, who knows; when we actually plumb it in and turn it on, I might actually even like the 'spro that it makes!

(b) Random 'Spro

*Mountain Top Boomerang Washed is in the hopper at home at the moment. I haven't really taken any notes for it ... not terriffically impressed, but it's not a fair trial, as I think that last week's heat might have killed it.

*Trying random blends at the big V. Damn I love Yauco Selecto!

*Currently have a blend of HAB's Grade 2 Yirgacheffe, from GreenGuys, and some Daterra Peaberry degassing. The theory is that I can kinda emulate the crispness and sweetness of Klaus' WBC blend. We'll find out next week.

(c) Reporters

Rumor has it that Leanne Tolra - The Age's coffee reporter - has been visiting some friends of mine. Well, not actually rumor, so much as them straight-out telling me.

(d) Vac Pots

There are now no more Hario Deco vac pots in the country. More details later.

(e) Birthday Dinner

Only vaguely coffee-related, but 'shmeh ...

I decided that I needed to get my cullinary dabblings outta my system in order to be able to focus on my upcoming exams. Here's the menu for both of the dinners that I cooked for my friends to celebrate my birthday:
  • Tomato and tea consomme
  • Andrew's salad with marinated octopus
  • Salmon agnolotti with soy verjuice butter sauce
  • Master stocked pork belly/hock with star anise caramel, coconut rice and pickled veg
  • Calpis sorbet
  • Lemon tart
  • Chocolate souffle (the inniskillin icewine that Nim brought over stole the show here)

And, yeah, we finished off with coffee. Sihereni through the vac pot. Yum! Thanks, Toshi!

Glad that I got that outta my system ...


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A shout-out

Massive kudos to Nim for getting me one of the ACF cappuccino cups from Justin and Marsha at Supreme. I've actually not yet made the trip to go meet those two - it's on the the "to do" list.

In other news, I'm entering the month-long exam prep time, so, unfortunately, my updates are going to be sporadic. Sorry to disappoint my avid fans. Both of you ;P

This weekend is going to feature two belated birthday dinners. At Toshi's recommendation, the guys on Saturday are getting Sihereni through Vac Pot. Sunday are getting Bundja.