Monday, August 28, 2006

"What's all this, then?"

It's pretty simple.

I'm in the very lucky position where I get to taste all sorts of great different coffees. Getting the best out of them often requires quite some effort. A few recent developments have made me realise that I should not be letting this effort go to waste. These developments are (a) my starting to roast my own coffee, (b) my exposure to Dave Makin's WBC preparation, (c) my current boss' recent quest to create his own blend and (d) a few very rare coffees that I have recently been given, namely the Yauco Selecto that I have already posted about and the Australian Coast Peaberry that I will post about very soon. Get to the point, I hear you say.

It's pretty simple.

This blog is going to be my little place for notes on different coffees that I taste (and, like any other blog, rants that I feel like making). I don't profess to be any sort of expert cupper, nor do I claim to follow any sort of strict procedure. Primarily, these are tasting notes for my own reference. But I'd like to think that the wide range of different preparation methods, coffees, machines, etc. that I use might make this an interesting resource for others.

Hrmmm ... there's a lot of work ahead.

Oh, and just so that you know, the title is supposed to be a play on words. Pour = quality of the espresso pour or bad quality. I thought it was clever ...

... tumbleweed ;P



At 11:31 PM, Anonymous henry said...

second post and you're calling youself clever... I've some coast at home too, prob be drinking them next...

go easy
henry "I want a coffee, not a shaky cup! I don't want my cup shaky!"

At 8:59 AM, Blogger Luca said...

You're not going to let me get away with anything, Henry! Better respond to my post about the coast. Does Mark still have any? I thought he'd run out ...

Congrats on winning the auction on that Mini Gaggia. I'm going to order a new seals kit and refurb my Peppina in a month or so, so that'll be interesting ... Mini Gaggia vs La Peppina vs Presso, anyone?

And a toast to the post that can boast the most post-roast coast. Now that's clever ;P




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