Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some Competition Results ...

Catherine gave the Cupping Champs a great shot, getting 6/8 in a lightning fast 1 minute and 11 seconds. Unfortunately, several countries got a perfect 8/8 and, so, Catherine didn't make the finals. There was the qualifiers, a semi-finals and a finals, so it was utterly ludicrous to see that Casper, the eventual champ, managed to get 8/8, 7/8 and then a perfect 8/8 to win. That's ... like ... 72 cups! The home town crowd must have been happy. From memory, Casper works at the Coffee Collective. Talented bunch.

Australia did a bit better at the Latte Art.

So with Con's win, I think that that makes Australia 3 for 3. I blagged Em's photo, so it was only fitting to take the one with her in it ;P Apparently Con was quite happy to win. Whoda thunk it? So any bets there will be a stampede to Church Street over the next few weeks. I hope people actually give him a chance to get back.

Back at home, Danes decided to bring back their competiton ... oddly enough, deciding to run it head-to-head with the WBC. Rivalry between my sometime co-workers Dave Seng and Jesse Hyde continued, with Jesse pipping Sengster at the post to come second, as he did at the Australian Barista Comp. opens. I think that both times Jess just grabbed a bag of Estate off the shelf, so go Estate! Not 100% sure what Dave did for coffee, but I think that it was also just a standard blend. Bella, maybe. Habib Maarbani took the cash home - very nice to see, seeing as he was announced as the winner of the Australian Latte Art comp, then when it was found out that the wrong score sheets were used Habib lost the re-run competition to Con. Watch out for Habib next year!

And then, of course, there was the WBC qualifying rounds. My heart was in my throat until they announced finalist number five ... from Australia ... Daaaaaaaaavid Makin! It's anyone's game tomorrow, but I have no doubt that Dave will give everyone a serious run for their money.

Live streaming ... and I've got my tax exam on Monday ... must ... concentrate ... on ... studying ...


At 7:16 AM, Blogger Kristina said...

just a quick note.
the final of the cup tasting championship has been posted on along with footage from the other scae championships.

At 11:12 AM, Blogger Westy said...

hey mate,

still loving your work. Let me know if you have any strong recommendations for interesting places in Sydney, that way I can pretend I am on the "in". ;-)



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