Friday, June 13, 2008

Coffee Supreme's Fair Trade Organic Blend


Going back a few years, Coffee Supreme seemed to be all the rage. These were the dudes that supplied Ray, the cafe that started it all for Mark D of the St Ali Empire. Now, for some reason, I barely hear about them. Well, business can't be all that bad - a few months ago they moved in to a bigger, badder and better factory with a bigger, badder and better roaster. It happens to be two minutes walk away from the Veneziano factory.


Of course, this put me in a bit of a quandry. I haven't ever featured any of the big V's blends just because I thought that it would be pretty cheesy to. By the same token, is it poor form to be reviewing the competitors down the street? Well, I figure that both of these are rather moot points, seeing as final year uni has forced me to wake up and smell the coffee, pun intended, and focus on actually doing something with that uni degree that I study between sips. Of course, this means that at some stage after I finish working at Veneziano, I'll be posting about some of what is actually the bulk of the coffee that I drink these days.


So I dropped by Supreme's factory and picked up a bag of their fair trade organic blend to keep me going whilst studying last week. I'm not opposed to buying fair trade coffee, nor am I for it - I'll make my decision based on taste. Ditto for organic. It so happens that the fair trade coffees that I have tasted over the past few years have hit more strikes than they have home runs. Still, Supreme have done a great job of working with a limited pool of green coffees. The ground coffee definitely smelled like it had some sort of natural processed coffee in it, but perhaps my mind was playing tricks on me - it never made it to the cup.

French press: Roast flavours predominate; too dark for my tastes. (I often find that stuff that tastes great as espresso doesn't shine in a french press or in traditional cuppings.)

Espresso: Dark crema, rich mouthfeel, malt/vegemite, moderate acidity and a very vague hint of some sort of dry spice.

Cappuccino: Cuts through milk with confidence; malty/vegemitey flavour and dry cocoa finish. Great.



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